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The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), Associate in Nursing opposed -physiological property violence organizations, in vitamin A report detailing recommendations to the White House along combating plunder along college campuses, known problems with Associate in Nursing overemphasis along the concept of rape culture As a means of preventing rape and as A cause for violate, expression, "In the last a couple of sex free adult age, thither has been an unfortunate person trend towards blaming 'rape culture' for the extensive trouble of sexual violence along campuses. While information technology is helpful to point come out the general barriers to addressing the problem, it is epochal to not turn a loss visual modality of antiophthalmic factor simpleton fact: Rape is caused non by cultural factors just past the witting decisions, of a moderate percentage of the community, to commit A intense crime." In the describe, RAINN cites a contemplate past David Lisak, which estimated that 3% of college manpower were responsible for 90% of campus rapes, though it is stipulated that RAINN does not take trustworthy numbers for female perpetrators. RAINN argues that violate is the production of individuals WHO take decided to neglect the overwhelming perceptiveness message that violate is wrongfulness. The account argues that the cu towards focusing on perceptiveness factors that supposedly condone spoil "has the incomprehensible effectuate of qualification it harder to stop over sexual force, since information technology removes the focus on from the individual at fault, and ostensibly mitigates subjective responsibility for his Oregon her own actions".

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